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"A feel a day keeps the doctor away" #PinkOutSU be sure so come to Mr. Zeta this Wednesday! Tickets are available at the info desk for $5
Pink isn’t just a color it’s being part of something bigger than yourself. Theta delta takes on the redskins game #weareZTA #thinkpinkthinkzeta #ztanfl
Because I miss her already! Can’t wait for all next year has in store for us ☺️#bestfriendsforever
I suck this weekend! But at least I have her to suck with me 😘
I just love pups so much 😍
Do you know what’s better than a best friend? A best friend you’ve had since you were one! We have been through everything in life together and I am so thankful for being able to be best friends for over 18 years now! #wcw

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Looking for more relatable posts?

I’ll never understand why you didn’t fight for me

Looking for more relatable posts?